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Monastiri Traditional Greek Vanilla Preserve, 500gr
Monastiri Traditional Vanilla Preserve 500 gr. Vanillia is a Greek traditional dessert also knowns as "Ypovrihio" (Submarine) On hot summer days, a glass of ice-cold water with a spoonful of creamy sweet vanilla is a very special treat - a real taste
Giorgos Hatzakis, Sto Monastiri Live
( Click on the icon to listen to a song sample in MP3 format ) Tracks: - Isagogi - Ego den ime Hristianos - Ego gia to hatiri sou - Trapezes den iparhoune - Otan tha do xantha mallia - Na valis sto krevvati sou - Me na boukali sindrofia - Tis ag
Monastiri Greek Mastiha "Submarine" Preserve
Mastixa Greek traditional mastic dessert made of sugar, glucose syrup, and masticha spice for flavoring.  Imported from Greece Known as "submarine" it is typically served spoonful in ice-cold water. A favorite pasttime dessert during h
Monastiri Greek Thick (Coarse) Semolina, 500gr
Coarse (Thick) Semolina Semolina is produced from top quality wheat, without preservatives or additives. Its breakthrough packaging in vacuum is the ideal to keep the product fresh, ensuring even longer shelf life. Use it to make traditional Sem
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