Monastiri Greek Mastiha "Submarine" Preserve

[Code : 076665884460] Monastiri Greek Mastiha "Submarine" Preserve

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Greek traditional mastic dessert made of sugar, glucose syrup, and masticha spice for flavoring.  Imported from Greece

Known as "submarine" it is typically served spoonful in ice-cold water. A favorite pasttime dessert during hot summer months.


What is Mastiha?Mastiha (pronounced mahs-TEE-hah), aka mastic is the resin that is excreted from the trunk and the branches of the "schinos", the Greek name for the mastic tree (Pistachia Lentiscus var. Chia). The schinos producing the mastiha resin grows exclusively on the southern portion of Chios, an island in the Eastern Aegean Sea. Incisions are made on the bark of the schinos and the mastiha resin falls in teardrop forms onto the marble dust underneath. After 15-20 days the resin has dried and is harvested and cleaned. Mastiha has a distinct herbal taste making it a popular spice traditionally used in a wide variety of sweet and savory food products and beverages. Perhaps most interesting are the documented medicinal benefits of this resin. It is used especially for stomach and dental care as well as in skin care products. Cultivation of the schinos and harvesting of mastiha are protected by the government and European Union as a truly unique product of the region.

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