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Michael Cacoyannis : A Girl in Black DVD (NTSC)

[Code : 720917521626] Michael Cacoyannis : A Girl in Black DVD (NTSC)

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A Girl in Black

Also available as part of the Cacoyannis collector's set. To view this product, click here.

A talented but unsuccessful writer (Dimitri Horn) visits the sun-drenched island of Hydra for a short holiday and takes up residence in the large, neglected house of an impoverished widow. On the day of his arrival, the woman and her family are publicly disgraced when she is caught in the arms of a lover. The bitter persecution that follows arouses the sympathy and concern of the young writer who falls in love with the widow’s timid daughter Marina (Ellie Lambetti). But bitter feuds and rivalries stand in the way of their happiness together, and the couple finds themselves the targets of local hostility. Shot in eight weeks on a limited budget and using only one camera, A Girl in Black brought international attention to the Greek film industry, director Michael Cacoyannis and actress Ellie Lambetti.
Greek with English subtitles, Drama, 101min.

This DVD conforms with the NTSC DVD format and is compatible with North America DVD Players. If purchasing for use in another region and you do not have an NTSC compatible DVD player, please contact us for availability of other formats.

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