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Cacoyannis DVD Collection: Stella / A Matter of Dignity / A Girl in Black / Attila '74 (NTSC)

[Code : 720917522821] Cacoyannis DVD Collection: Stella / A Matter of Dignity / A Girl in Black / Attila '74 (NTSC)

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A selection of four classic movies by Michael Cacoyannis (writer, director and producer).

*Formatted for NTSC (North American) DVD players.

Stella (now out of print, but available in this collector's 4-pack while this sets last)
Stella (Melina Mercouri), was a fiery singer with an insatiable appetite for men. She defied the rules of conventional morality by refusing to marry. Determined to keep her independence, she discards her timid lover (Alekos Alexandrakis) and begins a torrid affair with Miltos (George Foundas), a brash local football hero who satisfies her hunger for unbridled passion. But when Miltos forces a marriage proposal upon her, Stella faces losing the freedom she desperately craves. The first Greek film to achieve international recognition, Stella confirmed Michael Cacoyannis’ talents as a director of exceptional originality and vision. Shot on location in and around Athens, the film featured some of the most provocative and realistic love scenes of the times.

A Matter Of Dignity
Director Michael Cacoyannis creates a cynical portrait of Greek upper class life with A Matter Of Dignity, a powerful film that follows one woman's struggle to escape the dishonesty and conceit of her family. Chloe (Ellie Lambetti) is the beautiful daughter of a distinguished Athenian industrialist (George Pappas) who finds himself drowning under a sea of debt. The family, proud of their prominent social position, struggles to maintain a façade of wealth to little avail. With bankruptcy imminent, their only hope is for Chloe to accept a marriage proposal from a Greek-American millionaire despite her love for another man. Torn between passion and duty, Chloe must choose her destiny.

A Girl In Black
A talented but unsuccessful writer (Dimitri Horn) visits the sun-drenched island of Hydra for a short holiday and takes up residence in the large, neglected house of an impoverished widow. On the day of his arrival, the woman and her family are publicly disgraced when she is caught in the arms of a lover. The bitter persecution that follows arouses the sympathy and concern of the young writer who falls in love with the widow's timid daughter Marina (Ellie Lambetti). But bitter feuds and rivalries stand in they way of their happiness together, and the couple fins themselves the targets of local hostility. Shot in eight weeks on a limited budget and using only one camera, A Girl In Black brought international attention to the Greek film industry, director Michael Cacoyannis and its star Ellie Lambetti.

Attila '74: The Rape of Cyprus
In July 1974, the Turkish Army invaded the Republic of Cyprus, forcing thousands of Greeks into displaced persons camps and causing the deaths of thousands more. Upon hearing the devastating reports form his homeland, director Michael Cacoyannis rushed from London to Cyprus in order to document the horrific events on film. Supported only by a cameraman and a sound engineer, Cacoyannis traveled across the grief stricken island interviewing political leaders as well as countless victims and refugees. The resulting film provides a candid, personal look at the injustices imposed on the innocent people of Cyprus, while giving detailed accounts of the events leading up to and following this real-life tragedy.

Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Access, Filmographies & Awards, and Weblink.
Video: Standard 1.33:1 B&W
Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo
Language: Greek 
Subtitles: English (with on/off control)


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