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Astero DVD (PAL w/ English Subtitles)
The classic Finos Film Astero, in a new release that includes English subtitles. For more details refer to our more pictures section.  Starring: Vougiouklaki , Papamihail , Vandis , Vasileiadou Directed by: Dinos Dimopoulos Subtitles: Greek
A Bug's Life DVD (PAL) in Greek
A Bug's Life, in Greek Meet Flik.  Independent-thinker ant.  The only insect capable of throwing a kink in the food chain.  After one of Flik's inventions goes terribly wrong, he embarks on a mission to help save the colony from a gang
The Kings of Mykonos DVD (PAL / Zone 2)
The Kings of Mykonos Steve 'The Wog Boy' Karamitsis inherits a beach on the resort island of Mykonos from an uncle he's never met. Language: Greek Runtime: 98 minutes Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1 Sound: Dolby Digital PAL / Zone 2 *Please Note: This DV
Telioi Ksenoi, DVD PAL/Zone2
Telioi Ksenoi, (Perfect Strangers) Directed by Thodoris Atheridis Seven friends meet up for dinner on a full moon Friday night and deep secrets will come to the surface, shaking their lives and threatening their relationships. Running Time: 1 hr 87 m
80s Cult Classic DVDs, Mihalis Mosios - O Giftoaristokratis (PAL)
Mihalis Mosios in a story in which the famous peddler gypsy Tamtakos Hatziloulas, has a dream: to become a member of the high society. To his surprise, he learns one day that he has inherited a big fortune. Now the door is wide open for him to achiev
Thanos Petrelis, Karaoke DVD (PAL)
- Adika - Den Tha Horisoume Pote - I Orea - Thimizis Kati Apo Ellada - Kernao - Mesanihta Ke Kati - Meta Apo Sena Xanazo - Bora Ise Tha Perasis - Pos Xehniete Kapia San Esena - Ta Tragoudia Pou Mikoun Yia Agapi - Hronia Iha Etsi Na Esthantho - Den Eh
Aesop's Fables 10 DVD Collection (PAL/Zone 2)
Aesop's Fables 10 DVD Collection (PAL/Zone 2) All the Classic Aesop Fables in one complete DVD set, in Greek DVD 1. Ο λαγός και η χελώνα-το λιοντάρι και το ποντίκι-η αλεπού με τη κομμένη ουρά DVD 2. ο Τζίτζικας και ο μύρμηγκας-η καλιακούδα και τα που
Disney :: The Little Mermaid (Special Edition) DVD (PAL) in Greek
Disney :: The Little Mermaid / H Mikri Gorgona (Special Edition) DVD (PAL) in Greek   Disney's Oscar Winning animated hit, "The Little Mermaid/H Mikri Gorgona'"& is available now on DVD in the Greek language. A mermaid princess makes a
Minos 2007 DVD (PAL)
Minos 2007 DVD (PAL) 18 Hot Music Videos  DVD content: Den ine tora pia edo - Fevgo horizo - Noima - Horis kardia(the blowers daughter) - Den girizo piso - Posa hrostao - Sou t'orkizome - Mes to parapono mou - Thes na kanoume shesi - Maheria - F
Greek Mythology 10 DVD Collection (PAL/Zone 2)
Greek Mythology 10 DVD Collection (PAL/Zone 2) Η Ελληνική μυθολογία αποτυπώνεται σε 10 βραβευμένες ταινίες κινουμένων σχεδίων, σε μια πολυτελή κασετίνα με 10 DVD. Από τους δώδεκα θεούς του Ηρακλή μέχρι τον μύθο του Θησέα με τον Μινώταυρο και από τον
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