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METEORA 'the rocks of God' DVD (NTSC)
Audio/Video Samples: Real Video 56k (2.9MB) Windows Media 56k (2.9MB) Marvel at the beauty of the 'Meteora' for 82 minutes as narrator Nikos Vastardis takes you on a journey through the village of Kalambaka and Kastraki, the Churches and Monasteries
Ancient Civilizations Athens and Ancient Greece DVD (NTSC)
Ancient Greece was a civilization like no other - and now you can see why. Computer graphics, archival film, and classic art come together to recreate the past. Tour the Acropolis in the 5th Century B.C. Stand before Delphi's Temple of Apollo where t
Wolverine, In Greek
Wolverine, In Greek Τον βρήκαν να περιπλανιέται στα δάση του Καναδά. Θύμιζε περισσότερο άγριο ζώο παρά άνθρωπο και τον στρατολόγησαν σε μια μυστική οργάνωση. Η πρώτη του αποστολή θα τον φέρει αντιμέτωπο με τον Χαλκ και το Γουέντιγκο. Θα καταφέρει ο μ
To Taxidi Tou Avtokratora ( March of the Penguins ) PAL
Luc Jaquet's 2006 Oscar-winning documentary  is finally available to the Greek audience! March of the Penguins ( To Taxidi Tou Avtokratora : The Emporer's Journey ) instantly qualifies as a wildlife classic. French filmmaker Luc Jacquet and
Ancient Greek Collossus Magnet
The island of Rhodes was an important economic and commercial center in the ancient world. It is located off the southwestern tip of Asia Minor where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. The capital city, also named Rhodes, was built in 408 BC
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