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Do you accept payment by check? accepts US personal checks. To pay by check simply generate an order by using the Fax Option when paying for your order. Print the generated invoice and mail it to us at:, 2665 30th Street, Suite 214, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Please do note that your order will not ship until your check clears our bank therefore the processing of orders paid by check is longer than for those paid by credit card.

We are sorry but we do not accept International checks or Money Orders. Relatively high banking fees and long delays in clearing funds make such transactions costly and inefficient.

Can I order by Mail?
Ordering by Mail is currently possible for US and Canadian Residents.

To order by mail simply generate an order by selecting the Fax Option during checkout. Print the generated invoice and mail it to us with your payment details at:, 2665 30th Street, Suite 214, Santa Monica, CA 90405. If paying by check, please do note that your order will not ship until your check clears our bank therefore the processing of orders paid by check is longer than for those paid by credit card. 

Canadian residents must mail in money orders or checks in US dollars, drawn from US based institutions. For details please ask your financial institution.

Do you have a paper catalog?
We currently offer over 5000 different products. A paper catalog would occupy a book the size of a phone directory! In addition, we do add new products at a rate that even if it takes a week to print a catalog, it would be out of date by the time it is published. Therefore we suggest using our web site for a complete listing of our products.

If you need a limited list of products in printed form, or our season specials, please email us your request as well as the mailing address to send them. Please allow a week to ten days for receipt of the mailed information.

My postage (shipping) cost seems too high.

The shipping cost of your order is based on the shipping weight of your purchases, not the actual cost of your merchandise. It is common for certain categories (particularly for food products and certain books) that shipping is quite high in reference to the cost of goods. In this case you may choose Ground Shipping or alternately contact us for alternate economy shipping methods. Do note however that cheaper shipping methods (with the exception of US Ground Shipping) may be also less reliable and we cannot guarantee the condition of a product/package shipped using Economy Mail.

If you do think that the shipping cost for your order is unreasonable please email us or call us. We would be more than happy to review your order and determine if there is a cheaper but reliable method to ship your order.

We regret that we cannot ship via Surface Mail outside the US.

What are promotionals codes?

During checkout you will notice a "Promotional Code" area. This area is used to specify discount coupon codes, gift certificates codes, and other codes we may issue you tha affect the processing of your order. Coupons and promotional offers are offered for season specials, overstock deals, and clearance opportunnities. These promotional offers vary and are typically applicable to certain products. All our products are always low priced and we want to offer you the "best deal in town" every day of the year, any time of the day!

If you want to receive promotional codes and offer don't forget to sign up to our email list.

I still have not received my account number.

An account number is equivalent to a password and it is used with an email address to access your Account profile. When you registered on our web site one will be automatically generated and emailed to you. If you do not receive it, please check with commonly used filtering or blocking options of your email software. Most of our order relating email messages are automatically generated and mistaken for SPAM (unsolicited email) by a lot of commonly used filtering / SPAM blocking software. To ensure that you receive all our email communications please add the following email addresses to your trusted email senders (or as defined in your email program) after removing the dollar sign ($) form each one:


(The dollar sign is used to avoid automated email spiders used by some spammers)

AOL, Earthlink, Mindspring, Hotmail, and MSN accounts are known to mistakenly filter out a lot of our email messages.

If you cannot locate your account number in any filtered email folders, email  or call us at (310) 581-5059 

In what currency are your prices?

All prices and charges are in US dollars. Conversion rates vary daily and we cannot guarantee the rate you will receive at the time of your transaction. 

All charges or credits will be processed by a US bank and will be in US dollars. Local fees, conversion rates, and other costs associated with a transaction depend on your local laws and regulations and you are responsible for those.

Do you accept Paypal payments?
We do accept payments via Paypal in lieu of "checks" and money orders. We also accept Paypal transactions in Euro. To be quoted in Euro please read below.

To place and order and pay via Paypal please use our "Fax/Check" payment option during checkout. This process will generate a valid order which will not be processed until receipt of a payment. Upon completion email us at [email protected] with your order number and we will forward you our Paypal information. For EU residents we will quote also in Euro in the event you prefer payment in this currency.


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