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I just placed an order and noticed that the shipping address is wrong.

If after placing your order you discover that the shipping address on your order is wrong please contact us immediately by calling (310) 581-5059. You may also email us but we cannot guarantee that your email will be received before shipment of your order. Our shipping department is fast in sending out your orders and in certain cases it may take us longer to get to your email than process your order.

In case you are wondering why you cannot edit your order information after placing your order, note that shipping was already calculated and charged based on the shipping address you originally provided. Changing the shipping address may involve shipping reconsiderations and recalculation and this is why our system does not allow you to change after your order is received. Our staff is more than happy to help you with the change when you call or email us.

Also note that you can change your "default" Billing and Shipping address for future orders by logging on to "My Account" . Again any changes to your account's billing and shipping addresses will not affect the address information on past orders.


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