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May's Recipe:

(Fíllo pastry with cream filling)

The cream filling makes this pastry rich, and so it is served mainly as a snack rather than a dessert. Once baked, the addition of cinnamon and sugar makes it a very tasty treat!
  • 1 1/2 c. fine semolina
  • 1 1/2 generous c. sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 6 c. milk
  • Grated zest of 1 unwaxed or well-scrubbed lemon
  • 1/2 c. + 2 Tbs. butter
  • 1 lb. phyllo pastry
  • Confectioner's sugar
  • Ground cinnamon
Beat semolina, sugar and eggs until frothy. Transfer mixture to a pan and add milk, stirring constantly. Bring to boil several times, then add lemon zest. Leave to cool.

Preheat oven to 350°. Melt butter and brush over the individual sheets of pastry. Place half the pastry on a greased baking sheet, spread creamy mixture out evenly on top, and cover with the remaining pastry. Bake in preheated oven for about 20 minutes, until the pastry is golden brown and crispy on top and the filling has set.

Leave to cool slightly, then sprinkle with confectioner's sugar and cinnamon and cut into slices. Bougátsa is best eaten while still warm.

The next day, all you need is another sprinkling of confectioner's sugar to make it taste almost oven-fresh. In Ioannina, each slice is served with a sweet roll and a glass of water.


Culinaria Greece by Milona, Marianthi

Excerpts and Photography from:
Culinaria Greece
by Milona, Marianthi
May's Feature:
Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

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A. Vefa Sunny Mediterranean Cuisine - Seafood and Vegetarian Dishes
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Greek Goddess Mug Gift with Chocolate

Mother's Day Greeting Card - in Greek B119 $100 Gift Certificate $100 Gift Certificate
 Special Feature: Heritage Walks in Athens

(Continued from April's Issue)

STARTING POINT: Thisio Station
Acropolis Station

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The 3rd heritage walk begins at the administrative and economic center of ancient Athens, ascends towards the hill of the Areopagus, and ends with a visit to the medieval and neoclassical monuments just under the Acropolis.


ARCHAELOGICAL AREA OF THE AGORA: Temple of Hephaistos (1) (in the past known as the Thiseio): The highest point close to the Agora, on the site known in antiquity as Agoraios Kolonos, is dominated by the best preserved temple of classical antiquity, the temple of Hephaestus. Here the god of fire and iron was worshipped together with the city's patron goddess, Athena, as the divine guardians of the arts and crafts, more particularly however of metalworkers and potters...

(2) ANCIENT AGORA: The center of the public life of the ancient Athenians. The word "Agora" derives from the verb "ageiro" meaning "bring together" that is to gather around: and by extension "agorevo", that is to speak publicly. The word's etymology is relevant to the multifaceted role of the ancient Agora, where the daily life of the ancient Athenians was played out...

THE ADMINISTRATIVE CENTER OF ANCIENT ATHENS Tholos: A circular building which was the social centre of administration under the democratic constitution. Fifty of the councilors, called "Prytaneis" were in charge of the administration, each for 1/10" of the year, or 36 days...

"Prison of Socrates": About 100 meters from the southeast corner of the agora...
Bouleuterion or Council House: In the archaic period the councilors met here in the open...
Metroon: A building of the Hellenistic age. It was in the Metroon that the originals of all...
Temple of Apollo Patrons: A small temple of the Ionic order and of the 4" century BC...
Temple of Zeus Phratrios and Athena Phratria: These adjectives derive from the root "phrates"...
Stoa of Zeus Eleftherios: Built in the 5'h century BC as a place for Athenians to relax...
Royal Stoa: Built in the 5`h century BC but today buried under the rail track. It was the seat...

On the north side of the Agora, beyond today's railtracks, were the Poikile Stoa and the Stoa of the Herms. The Poikile Stoa contained superb paintings by Polygnotos, including...

Altar of the twelve gods: Built in the 6" century BC, it was used as the starting point for the calculation of distances.


Temple of Ares: Probably a work of the architect whose name is unknown but who built the...
Monument of the Eponymous Heroes: A long podium of the 5'h century BC with railings on...
Altar of Zeus Agoraios: On the South side of the Agora and dated to the 5'h century BC...
Stoas (Southern Stoa I - Southern Stoa II - Middle Stoa): These were built from the 5th to...
Odeion of Agrippa: This was built by Augustus' general, Agrippa, in 15 BC. It had a seating...


Stoa of Attalos: A two-storied stoa, with shops, of the first half of the 2"' century BC. It was built by Attalus II, King of Pergamon, in honor of his teacher, the Stoic philosopher Carneades, and of the Athenians. The stoa is 116 meters long...

Among other objects exhibited one should note:
• A resolution in support of democracy of 337/336 BC at a time when Macedonian victory was putting it in question. On the relief the figure of Democracy crowns Athens.
• A marble lot - holder to distribute official positions of the 3' century AD.
• A water clock (clepsydra) to measure a speaker's time at the law courts.
• Pottery sherds of the 5" century BC with names of prominent politicians whom their opponents wished to see ostracized. Examples are Aristidis and Themistocles, against whom there was clearly an organized "sherd - writing" campaign with insufficient takers among the people, as the unused sherds were thrown to the bottom of a well!
• A bronze head of Nike (Victory), of 425 BC.
• A chair and night - potty for an infant of the end of the 6`h century BC.
• A pottery jar used as a thermos of the 7'h century BC.

The Panethenaic Way: It began inside the entrance gate to the city at the Kerameikos...
The Church of the Holy Apostoles of Solakis: One of the most beautiful and earliest of Athens'...
Library of Pantainos - Late Roman Wall - Eleusinion: On the Panethenaic Way towards the...

(3) BASILICA OF ST. DIONYSIOS: An early Christian basilica at the northeastern side of the Areopagus that was totally destroyed in 1751 by an earthquake. It was at various times Athens' Cathedral, especially during the period of Ottoman rule until its destruction by earthquake...

(4) AREOPAGUS: The hill is 115 meters high and was dedicated either to Ares, the god of war, or alternatively to the Ares, that is the Erinyes or Furies, apotropaic goddesses of revenge, of whom one can read in Aeschylus' "Eumenides". This was the seat of the law court of the same name...

We descend from the top of the Areopagus and walk east keeping the Acropolis on our right.

(5) MUSEUM OF PAUL AND ALEXANDRA KANELLOPOULOS: A private collection which was donated to the Greek state and includes antiquities and works of art from prehistoric times until recent years. The exhibits are mainly of pottery, of sculptures and of icons. In particular mention should be made of the icon "The Falling Asleep of the Mother of God", an excellent...

(6) CHURCH OF THE TRANSFIGURATION OF THE SAVIOUR: A small church of the usual four columned cross - in - square type, datable to the second half of the 11 " century AD...

(7) OLD UNIVERSITY - MUSEUM OF THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS: It was built in its original form before 1674 and in 1831 was bought by the two architects Stamatis Kleanthes and Edward Schaubert. In 1835-36 it operated as the First Gymnasion (Secondary School) of...

(8) METOHI PANAGIOU TAFOU (METOHI OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE): A church dedicated to the Unmercenary Saints, doctors who healed without receiving a fee. It was built at the beginning of the 17" century by the Athenian priest, Demetrios Kolokinthis. In 1760 it became the Metohi...

(9) CHURCH OF ST JOHN THE THEOLOGIAN: Medieval church of the four - columned cross - in - square type of the end of the 11" or beginning of the 12" century. It is the only medieval church...

(10) CHURCH OF ST NICHOLAS RANGAVA: Originally a four-columned cross - in - square church with an elegant dome in the Athenian style and beautiful decoration, that was built at the beginning of the 11 " century by its founder Loukas Rangava, perhaps over an earlier place of workshop...




*See Heritage Walk #1 – February Newsletter)

Excerpt from: "Heritage Walks in Athens" by the Municipality of Athens Cultural Organization,
and by the Elliniki Etairia Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage

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Next Month's Article:
Heritage Walk #4 - THE CITY CENTER

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Regional Greek Cooking, by Dean & Catherine Karayanis

Regional Greek Cooking, by Dean & Catherine Karayanis
Greek Vases - The Athenians and Their Images (In English)

Greek Vases - The Athenians and Their
Images (In English)

Aesop's Fables - Oi Mithoi Tou Aisopou - Children's Stories
Nanourismata Children

Nanourismata Children's Bedtime Music
Souxe Winter Mix 2008 by DJ Valentino 2-CD set

Souxe Winter Mix 2008 by DJ Valentino 2-CD set
Tragoudia Me Ousies Live (2CD) + Bonus DVD + Booklet

Tragoudia Me Ousies Live (2CD) + Bonus DVD + Booklet
Yiannis Parios, Pou Pame Meta (CD)

Yiannis Parios, Pou Pame Meta (CD)
C:Real, Invain

C:Real, Invain
Kalomira, Secret Combination CD Single

Kalomira, Secret Combination CD Single

Haris Alexiou, Odeio Irodou Attikou 2007 LIVE 2CD + DVD (PAL/Zone 2)

Haris Alexiou, Odeio Irodou Attikou 2007 LIVE 2CD + DVD (PAL/Zone 2)
Hro, Allazo

Hro, Allazo
Petros Gaitanos, Odes Arhaggelon 2CD + Bonus DVD

Petros Gaitanos, Odes Arhaggelon 2CD + Bonus DVD
Themis Adamantidis, Dodeka Feggaria CD Single

Themis Adamantidis, Dodeka Feggaria CD Single
Nikos Karvelas, Trakter

Nikos Karvelas, Trakter
Dinata, Best Of 1986-2007 2CD + DVD & New Track

Dinata, Best Of 1986-2007 2CD + DVD & New Track
Maria Farandouri, Way Home

Maria Farandouri, Way Home
Fresca 2008 2CD + DVD

Fresca 2008 2CD + DVD
Proti Fora Nonos DVD (PAL/Zone 2)

Proti Fora Nonos DVD (PAL/Zone 2)
El Greco DVD (PAL/Zone 2)

El Greco DVD (PAL/Zone 2)
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  Featured Destination: Carpathos

Carpathos City PhotoGEOGRAPHY: Carpathos, the second largest of the Dodecanese, lies between Rhodes an Crete. It is 301 sq. km. in area, has 160 km. coastline, a population of 4,645 and is 2 nautical miles from Piraeus. There is a caran passenger ferry from Piraeus throughout the year, linking it also with other islands of the Dodecanese and Crete. The boat on the Piraeus - Kavala route links Carpathos with Melos, Pholegandros, Santorini, Anaphi, Crete, the rest of the Dodecanese, the northeast Aegean islands and Kavala. A local boat service operates between Kasos, Chalki and Rhodes. There is an air service, via Rhodes, to Athens and flights to Kasos and Crete. Carpathos is a mountainous island (highest peak Kalolimni, 1,215 m. a.s.l.) with only a few plains in the south. Karpathos Woman Selling BreadAt its northernmost tip a narrow channel separates it from the islet of Saria. The island's main town and port is Carpathos (Pigadia) and there is a second harbor at Diaphani on its northeast side. The island is distinguished by its picturesque serenity. Beautiful bays, the traditional rhythm of life and architecture, hospitable people compose the picture of Carpathos today and one is assured of pleasant, peaceful holidays there.

HISTORY: Information on the island's history is somewhat scant but there were four important cities in ancient times, as evident from their participation in the Athenian League. From the 5th century onwards it was included within the sphere of influence of Rhodes until, like the other islands, it was captured by the Romans. During the Byzantine period it was destroyed several times. After the Fall of Constantinople to the Franks the island was governed by Leon Gavalas until the mid-16th century (1538) when it was captured by the Turks. Carpathos took part in the 1821 War of Independence and even experienced a brief phase of autonomy until 1832 when it was retaken by the Turks. From 1912 onwards it, like the rest of the Dodecanese was administered by the Italians and was not incorporated in the Greek state until 1948.Carpathos Windmill - Woman with Donkey

SIGHTS-MONUMENTS: The island's capital, Carpathos (Pigadia), is located on the south-east side of the island, probably on the site of ancient Poseidio, ruins of the acropolis of which have been recognized on the hill Kavos. The houses in Carpathos are mainly modern, built by emigrants to the United States, and do not conform to the traditional style of architecture. The village of Menetes (8 km. southwest of Carpathos) has been inhabited since the Middle Ages and has interesting churches (St. Mamas, the Dormition), as well as several houses with Neoclassical elements. 16 km. southwest of Carpathos is the village of Arkasa, identified with the ancient city of Arkesia. Remnants of the city wall are preserved near the top of the hill. Karpathos Map>From the ruined Byzantine church of Holy Wisdom (5th 
						century) exceptional mosaic floors have been removed (now¬adays 
						in the Rhodes Museum). The villages to the north of 
						Pigadia are of especial interest since many of the 
						houses are authentic examples of vernacular 
						architecture. Those below Volada are known as the Kato 
						Choria (lower villages), while those north of Mesochori 
						are called Pano Choria (upper villages). The most 
						notable of the Kato Choria is Aperi, the island's 
						administrative centre from the early 18th century until 
						1892. The castle built here was to protect the populace 
						from piratical raids. Volada (10 km. northwest of 
						Carpathos) has many old Carpathian houses with their 
						original interior decoration, Othos (13 km.) has a local 
						museum of folk art and domestic utensils in one of its 
						old houses and Pyles (13 km.) is worth a visit. At Mesochori (31 km. northwest of Carpathos) one can visit 
						a genuine Carpathian house with its characteristic 
						wood-carved decoration and pebble mosaic floor. At both 
						Mesochori and Spoa (northeast) there are ruins of 
						medieval towers. Without doubt the most fascinating 
						village on Carpathos is Olymbos (Elymbos). It was 
						founded some time between the 10th and 15th century by 
						shepherds and inhabitants from Vrykounta at the 
						northernmost tip of the island which had been destroyed 
						by earthquakes. Olymbos is situated in a rather 
						inaccessible region and was originally girt by a 
						defensive wall of which some remnants survive. Nothing 
						remains of the tower (Pyrgos) which once stood at the 
						very top of the village. The villagers lived both inside 
						and outside the castle. In the center of the village is 
						the large church of the Virgin, while other notable 
						churches are that of St. Onouphrios and of the Holy 
						Trinity. With its old houses, typical vernacular 
						architecture and richly adorned house interiors, Olymbos 
						is a living museum. 
						<img border=The villagers speak their own local dialect in which there are many vestiges of Doric Greek, and proudly maintain their heritage and customs, the women still wear traditional costume all the time. There are several ruined windmills in prominent positions and the entire area commands a spectacular view of the Aegean. Olymbos is best reached from the sea, from the harbor of Diaphani, which can be reached by local boat from the town of Carpathos or the regular ship from Piraeus calls there. One can take a caique from Diaphani to the islet of Saria just off the north tip of the island.
There are plenty of lovely beaches on Carpathos, in the vicinity of the harbor (Pigadia) and on its north coast Phoiniki, Afiarti, Platyyalos, which can be easily reached by bus. Diaphani, Mesochori, Tristomo and Saria can easily reached by caique. Apart from swimming the sea is also fine for fishing. Visitors may stay in hotels, pensions, rent rooms and flats both in Pigadia and Diaphani. There are also rooms to let at Mesochori, Olymbo Othos and Arkasa. Refuelling stations for yachts at Carpathos (Pigadia).

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