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Homemade-style Traditional Greek Baklava

[Code : sweets_baklava] Homemade-style Traditional Greek Baklava

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To ensure maximum freshness for the Holidays this product will ship on Dec 18 with the intent to arrive fresh right before the Christmas Holidays.

Enjoy freshly baked Baklava made fresh by LA's famous Papachristo's bakery using pure ingredients and grandma's original recipes. These delicious  Baklava bites are made with plain Fillo, Walnuts, Sugar, Cinnamon, butter-flavored vegetable oil, walnuts, and pistachio nuts. They have no preservatives and we are committed to ship them fresh from the bakery. "Bite" size ("mboukitses") to match any appetite. Please see additional images for a detailed picture.

Ingredients: wheat or standard fillo, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, honey, pistachios, and butter flavored vegetable oil.

Appropriate for fasting during Lent since they contain no eggs or dairy products (Nistisima)
Vegetarian friendly.

10  pieces per box

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