The Siren Collection - Necklace w/ Diamond Shaped Pendant & Greek Key Motif

[Code : VF_KTR115] The Siren Collection - Necklace w/ Diamond Shaped Pendant & Greek Key Motif

Price $11.95

This beautiful necklace, which has been carefully handcrafted, is made with a variation of lapis beads, charms, and non precious stones/gems, which are strung onto a black colored cord. Alternating between a group of turquoise lapis beads, and non precious metal stones/gems are decorative silver colored spacer beads and charms. In the center hangs a diamond shaped silver pendant, which features the traditional Greek Key motif, also known as the Meander.

Made in Greece.
Non-precious stones and gems
Hypoallergenic Metals
Necklace approx. 406mm (16 in) length
Pendant approx. 18mm (.71 in) x 29mm (1.14 in)


This collection was inspired by the Sirens, the Greek mythology sea nymphs whore lived on the island of Anthemusa and according to myth used to attract passing sailors to sail their ships toward them. According to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, the Argonauts and Odysseus (Ulysses) had to employ some trick to cover their ears while passing their island. Our collection similarly to the sirens, it is definitely going to attract others attention with its quality and design.

In art and architecture, a meander is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. Such a design is also called the Greek Fret or Greek Key design, although these are modern words. The name "meander" recalls the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River. Meanders were among the most important symbols in ancient Greece; they, perhaps, symbolized infinity and unity; many ancient Greek temples incorporated the sign of the meander.


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