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Glass Pomegranate Good Luck Ornament (Gouri) - 3.5" brown round

[Code : ROD.06D_BROWN] Glass Pomegranate Good Luck Ornament (Gouri) - 3.5" brown round

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Glass Pomegranate Good Luck Ornament (Gouri)

Shiny, smooth-textured, brown, hand-blown glass with "antique" cracked glass appearance. Hangs on silky brown cord, trimmed with strands of decorative glass beads and a gold nativity charm. 3.5" in width, round shape. A stunning decoration for a wall, window, or holiday tree. The perfect gift for a Christmas, New Year's, or house warming event!

The Greek History & Tradition of the Pomegranate:
The traditional folk decoration of Greek homes, the pomegranate is cherished as a symbol of joyous times and good fortune, as well as of fertility and prosperity. This veneration of the fruit is rooted in ancient times, and this once ancient practice continues today, finding new meaning in every household. The pomegranate was a magical fruit in Greek mythology, and was associated with three Gods: Demeter, Aphrodite, and Hera. In ancient Athens, at the time of the ceremonies (the “Thesmoforia”) honoring Demeter, the Goddess of Fertility, Athenians ate pomegranates in order to gain fertility and prosperity. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty, was according to myth the first to plant the pomegranate tree, on Cyprus. Hera, the Mother of the Gods, is linked most strongly to the fruit in Greek mythology, as she was the Goddess of the home, and the protector of marriage and childbirth. In her temple in Argos there was a golden statue of the Goddess, and in her right hand she held a pomegranate, signifying her connection with this source of fecundity and abundance. Not only the ancient Greeks, but rather all of the peoples of the East venerated the pomegranate. In their religious ceremonies the Ancient Egyptians offered pomegranates to their Gods. According to the Bible, King Solomon maintained a garden full of pomegranate trees, and, finally, the Prophet Mohammed wrote in the Koran, “The pomegranate purifies the body of jealousy and hate.” Through the artistry and craftsmanship of Epalladio, the pomegranate, this ancient symbol of joy, can again bring such health and good fortune to today’s homes.

An Evil Eye Primer:
Amongst Greek superstitions, the Evil Eye is one of the oldest and widely believed myths. According to superstition, a glance of the Evil Eye is believed to have the ability to cause injury or death on those who it falls. Today, it its impossible walk through a Greek jewelry or gift store without encountering blue glass Evil Eyes in many sizes and shapes. offers a wide selection of Evil Eye jewelry and decorative items for your home. These are hand-made pieces imported from Greece which can protect you against the Evil Eye for years to come!

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