London 2012 Official Pins
London 2012 Pins Set - Logos (5 Pins)

[Code : LDNLOGOS] London 2012 Pins Set - Logos (5 Pins)

This product is currently unavailable for purchase.

London 2012 Pins Set - Logos (5 Pins)

Save 10% when you purchase these 5 logo pins as a set!
Celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games with these limited edition London 2012 commemorative pins. Official merchandise.

Pins will begin shipping in June 2011. Pre-order yours today!

We regret that this merchandise is limited to sale and shipment within the United States.

Pins included:
London 2012 Union Flag Emblem Pin LOC-1021
London 2012 Pink Logo Pin LOC-1007A
London 2012 Orange Logo Pin LOC-1007B
London 2012 Blue Logo Pin LOC-1007C
London 2012 Green Logo Pin LOC-1007D


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