The Theodora Collection - 24k Gold Plated Two-tone Sterling Silver Hexagonal Byzantine Pendant

[Code : JPG206] The Theodora Collection - 24k Gold Plated Two-tone Sterling Silver Hexagonal Byzantine Pendant

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The Theodora Collection - 24k Gold Plated Two Tone Sterling Silver Hexagonal Byzantine Pendant with Floral Motif 20mm

Inspired by museum pieces, this elegant 24K Gold Plated sterling silver hexagonal pendant features traditional Byzantine jewelry style with detailed patterns, rounded corners, and colorful gemstones. This particular piece is a replica of a real Byzantine pendant believed to be worn by an aristocrat. It is distinct, elegant, and hard to separate it from its counterparts made of 24K Gold and real gemstones. A true museum replica at an affordable price, handmade and imported from Greece.

This pendant can be matched with a pair of earrings found here

The Theodora Collection is named after Empress Theodora and wife of Emperor Justinian. Empress Theodora was distinguished for her beauty, wit and amusing character, and believed to be very influential in Justinian's rule of the Byzantine Empire.  Justinian and Theodora rebuilt and reformed Constantinople and made it the most splendid city the world had seen for centuries, building or rebuilding aqueducts, bridges and more than twenty five churches. The greatest of these is Agia Sophia, considered the epitome of Byzantine Architecture and one of the architectural wonders of the world.

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), 24k Gold Plating, Dark tones are Platinum plated, Zirconia gemstones.
Made in Greece
Approx. 20mm (0.79 in) wide.
Approx. 34mm (1.34 in) length with chain loop
(Photos are not actual size)

Gold plated sterling silver popcorn chains are available separately for all pendants. Follow the links below:
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20", 24" & 30" Chain

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