24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pendant - Minoan Snake Goddess (26mm)

[Code : JPG150] 24k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pendant - Minoan Snake Goddess (26mm)

Price $25.95

This 24k gold plated sterling silver pendant features the icon of the Minoan Snake Goddess. The generous-sized ring attached to the top (loop approx. 4mm) allows this beautiful charm to be strung on almost any chain or cord of your choice.

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), 24k Gold Plating
Made in Greece
Approx. 26mm (1.02 in) x 17mm (.67 in)
Approx. 37mm (1.46 in) length with ring
(Photos are not actual size)

Gold plated sterling silver popcorn chains are available separately for all pendants. Follow the links below:
14", 16" & 18" Chain
20", 24" & 30" Chain

Minoan Snake Goddess
One of the prime pieces of evidence in support of the view that women dominated Minoan culture is the Wadjyt or "Snake Goddess." It has been claimed that the Minoans worshipped her as a "goddess." and also that she was worshipped by them as an aspect of the Earth Mother, or Mother Goddess.

While Wadjyt was principally the snake goddess of Buto or Pe (her ancient sanctuary in the Nile Delta,) it is clear that the Minoans borrowed much of their culture and various cult practices from Egypt. The Snake Goddess is associated with the city known to Greeks as Aphroditopolis (the city of Aphrodite; a snake and a feather were symbolic of the name Aphroditopolis.) Like Aphrodite, Wadjyt was a goddess of fertility. Later, she was assimilated with Isis.


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