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Sterling Silver Brooch - Goddess Athena Sacred Owl (32mm)

[Code : JP004BR] Sterling Silver Brooch - Goddess Athena Sacred Owl (32mm)

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This oxidized sterling silver brooch features objects that are sacred to the Goddess Athena. The circle shaped brooch has worn edges and the overall design resembles an ancient Greek coin, with a standing owl in the center bordered by a serpent, an olive branch and a turtle. Attached to the back of the brooch there is a standard safety catch pin which can be fastened to the fabric of your choice.

Oxidized silver is produced naturally when oxygen reacts with silver. Precious sterling silver reacts to oxygen very easily, and and will have a darker appearance. Oxidized sterling silver jewelry has a nice contrast and vintage feel as the finish lacks shine and sparkle.

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), Oxidized
Made in Greece
Approx. 32mm (1.26 in) diameter
(Photos are not actual size)

Pallas Athena was second to Zeus in wisdom. Athena Goddess was the patroness of Athens and all the heroes who fought against evil. Athena Pallas loved peace more than war and was also known as Goddess Athena of agriculture, and spinning and weaving.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Glaucus (Greek: Γλαῦκος, Glaukos, "glaring (eyes)") is the symbolic owl of Athena or Minerva, respectively. Often referred to as the "owl of Athena" or "owl of Minerva", it accompanies Minerva in Roman myths, seen as a symbol of wisdom because the owl is capable of seeing even in the dark and of vigilance because the owl is awake at night.

Serpents figured prominently in archaic Greek myths. According to some sources, Ophion ("serpent", a.k.a. Ophioneus), ruled the world with Eurynome before the two of them were cast down by Cronus and Rhea. The oracles of the Ancient Greeks were said to have been the continuation of the tradition begun with the worship of the Egyptian cobra goddess, Wadjet. Other historical and mythological Greek figures with significant ties to the serpent included: the Minoan Snake Goddess, Typhon, Python, Amphisbaena, Medusa, Asclepius, Laocoön, Olympias, and Aeetes.


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