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The Ionian Paradise Zakynthos Special 50% off

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This book is a direct result of great efforts by a large number of people who tried very hard to get to know the island of Zatynthos and understand the mentality of its inhabitants. This book involves a great deal of love and care for an island that is certain to impress every visitor. This book is a true companion and a friend to every first-time visitor to Zakynthos, one that will take visitors by the hand through all its beauty and glorious past. A guide that will take one to beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan villages, and give one the chance to experience the small pleasures that only Zakynthos can offer: the captivating sunset in Keri, the waters in the harbor as they gradually change colors, which can only been seen from Bochali, the great tavern in Schiza.

Paperback, in English, 176 pages.


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