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Dual Language Fairy Tale - Little Mermaid / Mikri Gorgona (In Greek & English)

[Code : 9789604499632] Dual Language Fairy Tale - Little Mermaid / Mikri Gorgona (In Greek & English)

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Dual Language Fairy Tale - Little Mermaid / Mikri Gorgona

The classic story of the Little Mermaid / H Mikri Gorgona in Greek w/ the English translation. Each page features colourful illustrations, large Greek Fonts and below the paragraph is translated into English. Discover the magical world of fairy tales and improve your English by reading the story of young mermaid who saved a handsome prince from drowning but had to sacrifice her voice and life underwater to be able to live with her love on land.

Ανακαλύψτε το μαγικό κόσμο των παραμυθιών και βελτιώστε τα αγγλικά σας διαβάζοντας την ιστορία της μικρής γοργόνας, που έσωσε έναν όμορφο πρίγκιπα από πνιγμό, αλλά χρειάστηκε να θυσιάσει την ψαρίσια της ουρά και τη φωνή της για να μπορέσει να ζήσει μαζί με τον αγαπημένο της.

In Greek & English
Hardcover, 56 pages
ISBN: 978-960-449-963-2

Although most of our books are shipped within 24-48 hours, certain Greek titles including this one are in short supply and therefore may take 2-3 weeks for delivery. For Express Delivery of this book please contact us.

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