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The Woman Who Died Twice by Eleftheriou Manos, in Greek

[Code : 9789603759225] The Woman Who Died Twice by Eleftheriou Manos, in Greek

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December 1944. In the insanity of a civil war, the cheapest thing is human life.
They arrested her and executed her the same evening. Human sacrifice?
Yet that half-naked body said to be hers was not hers. The fateful mistake happened at the morgue, in her terrified brother’s panic and despair. And so it was to this unknown body that her illustrious name was given.
But she was still living. Elsewhere.
Fifty years later, a young doctor attempts to discover the truth from the man who ar-rested the woman, the Actress; to discover what lies hidden behind the elderly woman who he is looking after in his home and who he claims is Her.
Yet is it Her? What light can shed light on our past and our lives, even if a hundred witnesses and a hundred documents are brought forward?
A fantastic tale about the games played by time even on those who once held a whip.
The novel The woman who died twice is based on the true story of Heleni Papadaki, a famous Greek actress, who was accused of collaborating with the Germans during the German Occupation and was executed in December 1944 (Greek Civil War). Eleftheriou inspired by her, rewrites her story.
In order to recreate the atmosphere and the events of that troubled era, the author has researched court records, newspapers, private archives and documents from public services, presenting every side of the subject.
Combining historical facts with high quality literature, Eleftheriou creates a story that unfolds breathtakingly, an exquisite novel on human cruelty and violence, on the value of human life during any war. 
in Greek. soft cover. 352pages
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