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Culinaria Greece by Milona, Marianthi

[Code : 9783833110535] Culinaria Greece by Milona, Marianthi

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Culinaria Greece : Greek Specialties:

This delectable volume guides readers through mainland Greece, across the various groups of islands, to Cyprus. After a stopover in the restaurants of Athens, it moves on to the wine growing region of Attica to see how Metaxa brandy and retsina wine are produced, and where salt was discovered to be a culinary treasure.
The tour continues to the Peloponnese peninsula, where grapes and figs flourish and goat cheese is allowed to mature in its good time. The Ionian islands tempt the visitor with the meat dish sofrito, while Thessaloniki welcomes visitors to the many kafenions and peripterons—taverns and cafés--of the northern mainland, and Macedonia offers fruit, salads, tomatoes, okra, and eggplant, as well as Macedonian wine and local tobacco.
Far more than a cookbook, each volume of the Culinaria series is a lavishly detailed and illustrated reference work for an entire cuisine, written by those who know it best. Delving into the history, tradition, and the nature of the land, as well as ingredients, tips, and cooking techniques, the book takes a region-by-region tour overflowing with information and pictured in more than 1000 color photographs, maps, and drawings. Hundreds of evocative and mouth-watering recipes are presented, along with the local produce, wines, cheeses, and other specialties that complete the experience of dining in the region.

Those who seek out the land of the Greeks with their souls also like to nourish their bodies a la Greek. In the homeland of Homer, Sophocles, and Plato, where historical-cultural treasures and Mediterranean flair are part of everyday life, the love of good food is an integral element of the culture.

More than 1,300 colored illustrations on 460 pages as well as numerous authentic recipes make even reading this book an experience for the palate.

Paperback. In English

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