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The Silent Mask, Sophia Petrou

[Code : 9781897370599] The Silent Mask, Sophia Petrou

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When Alexa Karras' close friend and mentor is accused of murdering a business partner, Alexa takes a leave of absence from her researcher’s post at the hospital to hunt down the true killer. Jake Mackenzie (Mack) is pegged as chief suspect in the murder of his business partner. To help her friend, Alexa hunts down the one witness to this crime: A young homeless man who hasn’t been seen since the shooting. A hit and run victim turns up in the emergency room. It is Joel, her witness. When both Joel and her mother, Catherine, disappear, Alexa is given forty-eight hours to find Joel and exchange him for her mother, without involving the police. Unable to trust Mack’s bodyguard, Harriet, because of her links to the police, Alexa hires an Australian investigator, Casey Malone. However, Alexa finds out that the truth to unraveling a murder, a kidnapping, and a disappearance sits only steps away from her own office.

About the Author
A native of south Louisiana, Sophia Petrou currently resides near her family in Winter Park, Florida. Her experience working in the fields of agricultural and cancer research helped to provide the inspiration for her novel’s main character. She is presently at work on her next book.

Paperback, 284 pages

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