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Legacy of Courage : A Holocaust Survival Story in Greece (1st Ed) REDUCED PRICE

[Code : 9781410713582] Legacy of Courage : A Holocaust Survival Story in Greece (1st Ed) REDUCED PRICE

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Legacy of Courage : A Holocaust Survival Story in Greece
By Frederic Kakis

Most Holocaust survival stories are based on characters who, by the grace of God, survived the horrors of the Death Camps and were able to describe the brutality and torture they had endured as well as fate of million of other innocent victims that dies in the gas chambers. 

This book describes a very different survival story.  It is the tale of a Jewish family during the German occupation of Greece, who decided, early on, that the best way to escape deportation and ultimately survive was to resist.

This is a tale of defiance, courage and stubborn refusal to obey the German directives that were designed to lead an entire Jewish population like lambs to the slaughter.  It is a compelling story as seen through the eyes of a young boy that was suddenly snatched form a life of comfort and forced to assume roles that no one had prepared him for and to become a thief, a saboteur, a black marketeer and a resistance fighter.

The heroine of this story is the mother, who became a widow at the age of 41 after her husband was killed fighting for the Greek resistance.  Despite her aristocratic background and affluent parents she was able to adapt to the dire circumstances of the German occupation take their reins and lead the family through and extraordinary voyage of constant danver, starvation, hiding and resistance.  This long journey involved many close calls and narrow escapes.  Her ability to remain calm and not cave in when facing th emost dangerous challenges and situations was a major factor in our successfully eluding capture and ultimately survive.

It is a story of intrigue, courage and adventure, at time humorous, at times sad but always interesting and exciting.

In English
Softcover, 263 pages
ISBN: 9781410713582

This is the 1st edition, which has limited availablity because it is out of print. A collectors item! The 2nd edition is available here.

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