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Arcadia, My Arcadia by Nicholas Kokonis (in English)

[Code : 978097540320490000] Arcadia, My Arcadia by Nicholas Kokonis (in English)

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An authentic, elegantly written novel of enormous emotional power set in the folds of the somber Arcadian mountains, Arcadia, My Arcadia tells the story of a bright and courageous country boy, Angelos Vlahos, on the road from the dusty poverty of his nameless village and beyond. The characters are captivating, the scenes are evocative and the themes of hope and endurance shine through to a satisfying resolution. Atlas carried the world, Angelos Vlahos must carry his whole family on his back. Viveka Neveln wrote, “This is a story that will haunt its readers long after they have finished it.” Charles Moskos, (Greek Americans) found the story “fascinating,” while Nicholas Gage, who penned Eleni, wrote that it “touches deeply.” Michael Dukakis described it as a “very special story” that he enjoyed “immensely.”

Born and raised in Arcadia, Nikos Kokonis knows his main character’s life down to the missing hobnails of his only pair of shoes. A semi-retired practicing psychologist and college professor, Dr. Kokonis divides his time between his native Arcadia and the United States.

In English, Paperback, 466 pages.
Greek version also available (titled: "Ellada Mou Patrida Mou").

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