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The Greek War  of Independence

[Code : 9780959089417] The Greek War of Independence

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The Greek War of Independence
Peter H. Paroulakis

The fascinating story of Greece’s struggle for independence. Generations of Greeks suffered economic and intellectual poverty under Turkish occupation. Since the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 to the Ottoman Turks, the Greeks maintained their unshakable desire for human dignity and liberty, attributes inherited from their Hellenic ancestors. The outbreak of the War of Independence in 1821 evoked deep emotions among enlightened people everywhere. Determined to end 400 years of slavery, this book retells the unyielding struggle of the Greek people for liberty and independence that gave birth to the modern Greek nation. With 40 color images from major art galleries in London and the Louvre Museum. Makes an excellent heirloom gift for your children and grandchildren.


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