Greece and the Greek Islands Panorama

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Panoramic images of Greece and the Greek Islands.

Greece is a country whose heritage spans the world. Its thinkers, architects, politicians, athletes, writers, and artists all played their part in creating the world we know today. Lying in a key strategic position between Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece is commonly regarded as the cradle of western civilization and its cultural heritage was also of considerable influence in the history of North Africa and the Middle East. Fragments of this civilization can be found all over the world, not just in the ruins and museums of the Mediterranean countries, but also in neoclassical buildings, in art and sculpture, in the thought and institutions of world democracies.

Greece's venerable history extends from Mycenean civilization of the second millennium B.C. through the Hellenistic period, the rule of Rome, Byzantium, and the Turks, to liberation and the establishment of the Greek republic in the 1820's. Its legacy is a fantastic mixture of architectural styles and historic locations making Greece a major tourist destination - helped by the warmth of the climate and its population, and its myriad, picturesque islands, whose whitewashed buildings tumble down hillsides to an azure sea.

Greece and the Greek Islands covers the mainland and the islands, the historic sites and the areas of natural beauty with stunning photographs and informative text and captions.

Author: Martin Howard
In English
Hardcover, 256 pages
ISBN: 9780785823759

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