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Spinning Ancient Greek Vases - 'Lekythos', Ages 3+

[Code : 5208006130188] Spinning Ancient Greek Vases - 'Lekythos', Ages 3+

Price $7.95
Spinning Ancient Greek Vases - 'Krater'

Meet our Collectable Tops! A collection of wooden tops of Spinning Ancient Greek Vases is here to familiarize you with the Ancient Greek tradition through 4 different selections. Each design represents an exact duplication of Amphora, Krater, Lekythos and Stamnos that were mainly types of Greek pottery used to store or carry liquids of water, oil and wine, during the Ancient Greek period. Each spinning top is composed of carefully selected materials and colors of high quality, contains a longer wooden handle on top and comes with a display base fitting.

Lekythos: Lekythos was intended for storing oil and especially olive oil. It was used at baths, gymnasiums and for funerary offerings.

Size: 2.5 × 2.5 × 7.5 cm

Imported from Greece
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