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Amaryllis, Imaste Ena

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Amaryllis is an upcoming artist with exceptional talent. Her songs have received extensive airplay in Europe and North America. Amaryllis now releases her 3rd studio album, Imaste Ena ... an album featuring 11 new modern laika and 2 bonus remix tracks. The songs are signed to Hristodoulos Siganos and Valentino (lyrics).

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- Imaste Ena
- Giati Den Pandrevomaste
- Tzentleman
- Ousia Kamia
- S'agapao
- Ola Gia Parti Sou
- Psihiki Diatarahi
- India
- Poses Fores
- Meine
- Mazepse Ta Miala Sou
- Imaste Ena (Emma's Mix)
- Giati Den Pandrevomaste (Club Into)

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