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Mikis Theodorakis, Ilios Ke Hronos ( Sun and Time ) Live

[Code : 5202483763266] Mikis Theodorakis, Ilios Ke Hronos ( Sun and Time ) Live

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The poems on this album, written by Mikis Theodorakis during his prison time, form a song cycle called 'Sun and Time'. "The songs are," Theodorakis himself states, "each and every one of them a special part of a whole piece". This live album, Sun and Time, was recorded in November of 1998 at the Church of Pathon (Passionkirche) in Berlin. The tender deep vocals of Maria Farantouri and those of German songwriter/singer Rainer Kirchmann bring out the soulful essence of this eclectic work.

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- Otan stamatisi
- Epourani potami
- O hronos dialiete
- Above the gardens of paradise
- Otan esi fonazis sto tetarto patoma
- And on the fourth floor up above
- Pote pote pote
- As I lay down on the beach
- Souleiman o megaloprepis
- And when I hear you cry
- Ekti Septemvriou
- September the sixth
- All the cells are breathing / Ta kelia anasenoun
- Epano sto xero homa
- Down on the Earth / Kato sti gi diaspora
- O sun I will stare into your eyes (bonus track)
- And time evaporates / O hronos dialiete (bonus track)

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