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Thiliki Eteria DVD (PAL)

[Code : 5201802004219] Thiliki Eteria DVD (PAL)

Price $29.95

Five emotionally and sexually deprived wives come to the realization that the only thing they have to look forward to and discuss are gossiping, having their hair done, playing cards and talking about their husbands' "illegal" interests.

They decide to move their biriba playing quartet from the back room of Lias' hair salon to the two bedroom apartment owned by Anna-Maria. After that is done ... getting erotically satisfied is only a matter of time and planning.

Things get very complicated for the wives when a private investigator shows up to...

Featured Artists:
Maria Giorgiadou, Sofi Zanninou, Nikos Kalogeropoulos, Tania Kapsali, Antonis Kafetzopoulos

Subtitles: English/French

Please Note: This DVD is in PAL format, encoded for use in ALL PAL zones (Zone-free). To view this DVD in the US or Canada you will need a multi-region DVD player or a computer with a DVD player. Greekshops.com is currently offering a multi-region DVD player at the amazing price of 69.95! This DVD player will not only play all zones and DVDs from anywhere in the world, but it also has several other great features which make it a great upgrade of your current DVD player.

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