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Agapi Gia Panta / Love Forever DVD (PAL w/ English Subtitles)

[Code : 5200376500011] Agapi Gia Panta / Love Forever DVD (PAL w/ English Subtitles)

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The classic Finos Film Agapi Gia Panta / Love Forever, in a new release that includes English subtitles. For more details refer to our more pictures section.

A spoiled rich girl falls in love with a poor, good-looking but also talented pianist, rejecting a wealthy suitor from her own class. However, a combination of her parents' pressure and a misunderstanding with her beloved leads her to accept the proposal of a wealthy businessman. At the same time, an accident obliges the young pianist to abandon his piano for quite a long time. And although the young girl stands by him in his time of need, she leaves him the moment he recovers. However, on the night of his first concert, she returns to his side, determined to spend their life together.

Starring: Laskari , Fertis , Perigialis
Directed by: Vasilis Georgiadis
Subtitles: Greek & English
Language: Greece
Runtime: 90 minutes
Region: PAL / All Zones
Release Date: 1969

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*Please Note: This DVD is in PAL format, encoded for use in ALL PAL zones (Zone-free). To view this DVD in the US or Canada you will need a multi-region DVD player or a computer with a DVD player. is currently offering a multi-region DVD player at the amazing price of 59.95! This DVD player will not only play all zones and DVDs from anywhere in the world, but it also has several other great features which make it a great upgrade of your current DVD player.

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