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Educational Video History-The First Olympics Athens 1896 (NTSC)

[Code : TFOA1896va] Educational Video History-The First Olympics Athens 1896 (NTSC)

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The inspiring story of a rag-tag team of amateur American athletes that stunned the sports world comes to life in this dramatization of the first modern Olympic games revived in 1896. Veteran actor Louis Jourdan stars as Baron Pierre du Coubertin, a relentless visionary who sets out to renew the ancient Olympic Games after 1500 years. Dr. William Sloane (David Ogden Stiers) is the Princeton professor who pulls together the first American team with 13 unlikely boys and a meager supply of sports equipment. Competing in events that had never been seen in the United States before-the Americans went on to Athens and secured the winner's post despite almost insurmountable odds. Angela Lansbury, Honor Blackman, Gayle Hunnicutt, Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna also lend their talents to this amazing story of Yankee determination and triumph.
Approx. total running time: 280 min.

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