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PA86 Orthodox Saint Sterling Silver Icon - Virgin Mary and Christ 14x18cm

[Code : PA86] PA86 Orthodox Saint Sterling Silver Icon - Virgin Mary and Christ 14x18cm

Height 18 cm (7.1 in.)
Width 14 cm (5.5 in.)
Price $245.00
Orthodox Saint Sterling Silver Icon - Panayia ( Virgin Mary ) and Christos ( Christ ) 14x18cm Style: PA86
Name Day: August 15

In 1974, with great love and respect for tradition, a small family business started making Byzantine icons entirely by hand, under the guidance of its founder. Using a special process for aging metal, wood, and icon painting, as well as top quality materials, they create unique true copies of old icons, highlighting them as unique works of art. The icon's stamped design is 3D and features intricate raised detail. The layer of silver has openings so that the hand painted face, hands and feet of the Saint are exposed. Please see more pictures for alternate views.

Icon approx. 14 cm x 18 cm (5.5 in x 7.1 in)
Made of Sterling Silver that undergoes a special "aging" process which is tarnish free.

This is a limited stock item, typically delivered in 3-4 weeks. Please contact us for express delivery options.

The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and the most highly honored and beloved saint. She has four names in the Greek Orthodox church: Theotokos (Mother of God), Panayia (All Holy), Aiparthenos (Ever Virgin), and Despina (Our Lady). August 15 is one of the most important church holidays.

Pilgrimage Sites:
• Mary's tomb at the foot of the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
• Miraculous icon at the Church of the Evangelistria on the island of Tinos

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