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St. Nestor (5x7") Hand-made Icon

[Code : zis009] St. Nestor (5x7") Hand-made Icon

Price $15.95

Agios Nestor ( Saint Nestor )
Nameday: February 28

This is a high quality Byzantine icon paper reproduction with glossy finish, mounted on a wood frame. The back of the icon has a hole for wall mounting.

This is a replica of a hand-made icon by iconographer and painter Zafiris. The original may be available for purchase and a quote will be provided upon request.

Size in inches: 5 x 7 x 1
Size in centimeters: 12.5 x 17.8 x 2.5


Little is known about Saint Nestor, also known as Saint Nestor of Perge or Hieromartyr Nestor of Magydos, other than that he was Bishop of Magydos in Pamphylia, in what is now modern Turkey. His courage and authority were so noteworthy that a Roman magistrate uttered these words: "Until we have got the better of the bishop, we shall be powerless against the Christians." He was arrested under Emperor Decius, and sentenced to death by the local Roman governor, Pollio or Epolius of Lycia, after refusing to sacrifice to the pagan gods of the state. His feast day is February 26 in the Roman Catholic Church and February 28 in the Orthodox Church.



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