Hand Painted Icons
Agios Giorgios

[Code : 3A] Agios Giorgios

Height 25 cm (9.8 in.)
Width 19 cm (7.5 in.)
Price $145.95

St. George the Great
Name Day:April 23
(If during Holy Week, celebrate the first Monday after Easter.)

Handpainted and imported from Greece. This is a limited stock item, typically delivered in 3-4 weeks. Please call us for express delivery options.

This saint, one of the most popular, dared to be a Christian in the Roman army. A popular myth says he slew a dragon just before a princess was about to be sacrificed to it thus St. George is frequently depicted on a horse with a lance and dragon. He is seen as a defender of good over evil. St. George was tortured and beheaded in 303. He is famous for healing and is the patron saint of the poor, shepherds, and warriors.


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