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G0225 Orthodox Saint Silver Icon - Agios Triada ( Holy Trinity ) 13x19cm

[Code : G0225] G0225 Orthodox Saint Silver Icon - Agios Triada ( Holy Trinity ) 13x19cm

Height 19 cm (7.5 in.)
Width 13 cm (5.1 in.)
Price $186.00
Orthodox Saint Silver Icon - Agios Triada ( Holy Trinity ) The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit 13x19cm Style: G0225 

This is an exact copy of a Byzantine hagiography icon, handmade in Greece using traditional Byzantine iconography techniques. The icon is made of copper with a layer of .925 Sterling Silver and is tarnish-free (does not require polish). The icons silver design is 3D and features intricate raised detail and the face is hand-painted using high quality paint. The icon is mounted on a wooden plaque, with two wood stain color options: brown or black. Please see more pictures for detailed view of color options.

Please select a color from the drop down menu.

Icon approx. 13 cm x 19 cm (5.1 in x 7.5 in)
Tarnish Free Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), Copper, Wood

This is a limited stock item, typically delivered in 3-4 weeks. Please contact us for express delivery options.

The Trinity or Trias is a Christian doctrine, stating that God is one Being who exists, simultaneously and eternally, as a mutual indwelling of three persons: the Father, the Son (incarnate as Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. Since the beginning of the third century, the doctrine of the Trinity has been stated as three Persons in one God, all three of whom, as distinct and co-eternal persons, are of one indivisible Divine essence, a simple being. Closely linked with this doctrine is that according to which the Son has two distinct natures, one fully divine and the other fully human, united in a hypostatic union. Belief in the doctrine of the Trinity is known as Trinitarianism. Most denominations within Christianity are Trinitarian, and regard belief in the Trinity as a mark of Christian orthodoxy. For the concept, the word "Trinity" (in Latin, Trinitas) began to be used around the year 200. This Latin word means "the number three, a triad", an abstract noun formed from the adjective trinus (three each, threefold, triple). The Greek term used for the Christian Trinity, " Τριάς " ( Trias or Triados ) meaning "a set of three" or "the number three", and has given the English word triad. The Old Testament refers to God's Word, his Spirit, and Wisdom. These have been interpreted as adumbrations of the doctrine of the Trinity, as have been also narratives such as the appearance of the three men to Abraham in Genesis 18. Modalists attempted to resolve the mystery of the Trinity by holding that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are merely modes, or roles, of God Almighty.

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