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G0219 Orthodox Saint Silver Icon - Agios Ioannis ( Saint John the Baptist ) Prodromos 13x19cm

[Code : G0219] G0219 Orthodox Saint Silver Icon - Agios Ioannis ( Saint John the Baptist ) Prodromos 13x19cm

Height 19 cm (7.5 in.)
Width 13 cm (5.1 in.)
Price $186.00
Orthodox Saint Silver Icon - Agios Ioannis ( Saint John the Baptist ) Prodromos 13x19cm Style: G0219
Name Day: January 7 

This is an exact copy of a Byzantine hagiography icon, handmade in Greece using traditional Byzantine iconography techniques. The icon is made of copper with a layer of .925 Sterling Silver and is tarnish-free (does not require polish). The icons silver design is 3D and features intricate raised detail and the face is hand-painted using high quality paint. The icon is mounted on a wooden plaque, with two wood stain color options: brown or black. Please see more pictures for detailed view of color options.

Please select a color from the drop down menu.

Icon approx. 13 cm x 19 cm (5.1 in x 7.5 in)
Tarnish Free Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), Copper, Wood

This is a limited stock item, typically delivered in 3-4 weeks. Please contact us for express delivery options.

Saint John the Baptist was a Jewish preacher and ascetic. He drew large crowds on the banks of the River Jordan, demanding from them repentance and baptism in view of the imminent coming of the Kingdom of God. Jesus was one of those whom he baptized. He was killed by Herod Antipas, whom he had denounced for his marriage. The historian Josephus writes that Herod had John killed for fear that John might raise a rebellion. Jesus' own ministry followed John's, and some of Jesus' early followers had been followers of John. Like Jesus, John preached at a time of political, social, and religious conflict, and he prophesied that fire was coming to destroy the wicked.

Relics: St. Demetrios Church, Neo Phaleron, Piraeus; Benaki Museum, Athens; Topkapi Museum, Constantinople

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