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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding
(music from the motion picture)

Ask anyone who's attended one and they'll tell you: there's nothing quite as colorful-and emotionally melodramatic-as a Greek wedding. The film's soundtrack perfectly captures those swirling clouds of ethnic and romantic tension. Its first half largely sets up the rich cultural atmosphere with a lively sampling of traditional Greek folk music, while the score proper from Alexander Janko slyly segues from similar fare ("Moose Caca," "Yasoo," "Yiayia") to more traditional orchestral film music.

- Stalia stalia
- Xekina mia psaropoula
- Orea pou ine e nifi mas
- Moose CaCa
- Kefi in Katavia
- Secret Garden
- Yasoo
- Istanbul Coffee House
- Time with you
- YiaYia Alexander
- Generations
- Toula and Ian
- Apples 'n Oranges
- All my only dreams
- First date

Proud Greeks and anybody that "wishes to be Greek" hurry up and get your copy.


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