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Karaoke Fame Hits Vol.5 by Antoni Gounari (PAL)

[Code : 5204958901395] Karaoke Fame Hits Vol.5 by Antoni Gounari (PAL)

Price $24.95

Featuring music by: Stavros Makridis, Antigoni Efstratoglou, Vaggelis Proimos, Giorgos Lianos, Petros Pilarinos, Sylvia Delikoura, Hrisanthi Mihalopoulou, Alexandra Kousi, Anet Artani, and Mihail Deredinis.

Part I: (songs are heard in their original versions)
Part II: (songs are heard in their instrumental version)

- Sto'pa ke sto xanaleo
- De les kouventa
- Spasmeno karavi
- Fanis
- Sa na mi perase mia mera
- Anthropakos
- Tha pio apopse to feggari
- Pes pos m'antamoses
- Anoixe petra
- Ti se melli esena ki an girno
- San to Karagiozi
- Leei leei leei

Please Note: This DVD is in PAL format, encoded for use in Zone 2 (Europe). To view this DVD in the US or Canada you will need a multi-region DVD player or a computer with a DVD player. is currently offering a multi-region DVD player at the amazing price of 69.95! This DVD player will not only play all zones and DVDs from anywhere in the world, but it also has several other great features which make it a great upgrade of your current DVD player.

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