Greek Dance Music & Instrumentals
Athan Karras Collection of Traditional Greek Dances

[Code : Karras_GRDances] Athan Karras Collection of Traditional Greek Dances

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a collection of traditional greek folk dances

1. Kerkereikos
2. Mermingas
3. Tsirigotikos
4. Kamara
5. Pera Sous Pera Kambous
6. Maleviziotikos
7. Pentozali
8. Soultana
9. Pilaitos
10. Gaida
11. Makrinitsa
12. Karsilamas
13. Nizamikos
14. Makedonikos
15. Lemonaki
16. Partalo
17. Pogonisios
18. Zagorisios
19. Syngathistos
20. Arvanitiko Kofto
21. Fissouni
22. Mayia

This collection of folk dances represents a variety of dances crisscrossing the Greek landscape from the islands to the mainland provinces. It depicts the versatility of music, song and dance forms still lurking in the Greek hinterlands. This rich diversity strongly depicts the importance of individual expression so vital on this mountainous peninsula, embroidered with its many islands on the south eastern corner of Europe. Athan Karras, master teacher and researcher has compiled this exquisite collection of his favorite tunes. An indication of the vibrant tradition rendering an authentic purity, untouched by any modern innovations or amplification. Simply imagine traveling to Greece several decades ago, prior to the boom of post war tourism, and you would have been thrusted into a unique reflection of primitive instrumentation that has been part of rural Greece since time immemorial.


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