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Onirama, Klepsidra


Onirama is a Greek pop rock band with numerous hits. They are well-known for their wide range of music and party-like concerts. They released their second studio album, 'Klepsidra' which reached #1 on the IFPI charts. The lead single "H Balanta Tou Trellou" (The Crazy Guy's Ballad) instantly became a radio hit. Around the same time, they were also voted the "Next big name" in Greece by MAD TV voters. Throughout summer 2008 Onirama toured all of Greece, while in the winter, they are rumored to appear with Despina Vandi. Also, a major defining point in the group's career was on August 1, 2008, where the group performed as the opening act in front of thousands of people for international superstar Lenny Kravitz on his Love Revolution Tour, in concert in Athens.

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- Intro
- Klepsidra
- Maybe tonight
- To oneiro
- Omorfi mera
- H balanta tou trelou
- Oti den eheis
- Paradosou
- Stavrodromi (with Nikos Ziogalas)
- Mi m'afinis na s'afiso
- Kathreftis
- Oi fovoi tou prigipa (ena emeis)
- Avgoustos
- Outro

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