Super Greek Kreesmas Collection by Jimmy Santis

[Code : SG007] Super Greek Kreesmas Collection by Jimmy Santis

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Super Greek Kreesmas Collection

This is the complete. Jimmy Santis - Kreesmas Collection and includes both volumes 1 & 2 of the favorite series.

Trellokomio at Kreesmas Again

You've undoubtedly heard of "Scrooge", "Bad Santa", "The Cat In The Hat" and "Elf." You've undoubtedly heard of "Scrooge", "Bad Santa", "The Cat In The Hat" and "Elf." But now, there's a new kid on the block!!
Make way for the most comical, inexplicable, delirious human being, the mother of all mayhem, and his new Christmas parody album "Trellokomio at Kreesmas Again".
One listen to this CD and you will have no doubt that he has reached a point beyond psychiatric help. Proceeds from this album will go toward his mental stability or to his next parody album--whichever comes first.
1. Twas The Night Before Kreesmas
2. Winter Wonderland
3. Jingle Beetz
4. Moree That's Enough
5. Greek Kreesmas
6. Trellokomio at Kreesmas Again

Have Uself A Super Greeky Kreesmas CD

Your "Kreesmas" will never be the same again--not after you hear this Album! Jimmy has taken your favorite Christmas classics and turned them into Greek-American Christmas mayhem. "E Pethera Mou is Coming To Town,” the "Immigration Song,” and "Spiro The Hook-nose Waiter" are guaranteed to ‘ho ho ho’ Santa right back up the chimney.

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1. E Pethera Mou's Coming to Town
2. Immigration Song
3. Vre Boyatzee
4. Spiro the Hook-Nose Waiter
5. Taki The Grillman
6. 12 Days In America


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