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2007 Big Mix 19 Summer Hits (Clearance 50% Off)

[Code : 5099950335626] 2007 Big Mix 19 Summer Hits (Clearance 50% Off)

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Entertain yourself and others this summer with Greece's #1 super remix album, 'BIG MIX 2007'. Features all the hot hits remixed right for your summer listening.

Artists:  Tamta, Sunrise Avenue, Eric Prydz vs Floyd, Bob Sinclair, Marian Georgiou, Hrispa, Peggy Zina, Mr. Sosa & The Yayo, Wonderland Avenue, Modern Fears, Black 'N' White feat, Crisis-Flowjob, Mihalaras feat, Giorgo Kokkini, B-Sykes feat, Dimitris Mentzelos & El Zeraw, Kata feat, Maggie, Ipohthonios, Stelios Maximos, Giorgos Verros, Antipas, and Stavros Konstantinou.

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- With love (spirit mix)
- Fairytale gone bad
- Sunrise avenue
- Proper education
- Rock this party
- Ta rialia
- Diki sou gia panta (remix)
- Sto kalo
- Cochamamba
- White horse
- Se thelo
- Escucha lo
- To s'agapo
- Greek ladies
- To kalitero deal
- Kane dou
- Ti mou'his kani (remix)
- Exetias sou
- Se xehasa alla
- Tha xenihtas

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