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Sterling Silver Ring - Greek Key Square (8mm)

[Code : JP155R] Sterling Silver Ring - Greek Key Square (8mm)

Price $31.95
This sterling silver ring features the traditional Greek Key Motif, also known as the Meander or eternity symbol, halfway around the perimeter of the ring. The width of the ring narrows as it wraps around the back of the finger.

 The mens version of this ring is available in sizes 10-12 and can be purchased here.

Made in Greece
Sterling Silver (925 Stamp)
Approx. 8mm (.31 in) width

Choose from the available listed sizes above. (No children's sizes available.) If you are unable to select your desired size when ordering online, please contact us and we would be happy to help you place a special order over the phone.

How to find your ring size: Wrap a string around your finger one time and measure the length. Find the measurement in the size chart under circumference.

ring size chart

In art and architecture, a meander is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. Such a design is also called the Greek Fret or Greek Key design, although these are modern words. The name "meander" recalls the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River. Meanders were among the most important symbols in ancient Greece; they, perhaps, symbolized infinity and unity; many ancient Greek temples incorporated the sign of the meander.


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