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Sterling Silver Archaic Bee Adjustable Ring

[Code : JP187R] Sterling Silver Archaic Bee Adjustable Ring

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Sterling Silver Archaic Bee Adjustable Ring

This oxidized sterling silver ring features the archaic bee, which is the Greek symbol of prosperity. This is an open ring. The approximate size of the ring is 6 unadjusted, when the open ends are touching.

Oxidized silver is produced naturally when oxygen reacts with silver. Precious sterling silver reacts to oxygen very easily, and and will have a darker appearance. Oxidized sterling silver jewelry has a nice contrast and vintage feel as the finish lacks shine and sparkle.

Made in Greece
Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), Oxidized
Bee approx. 10mm (.39 in) in length x 11mm (.43 in) in width

Significance of the Bee in Ancient Greece

The bee was an emblem of Potnia, the Minoan-Mycenaean "Mistress", also referred to as "The Pure Mother Bee". Her priestesses received the name of "Melissa" ("bee"). In addition, priestesses worshipping Artemis and Demeter were called "Bees". Ancient Greeks believed that bees symbolize prosperity, eloquence , speech, and intelligence.


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