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St. Spyridon Sterling Silver Square Locket Pendant

[Code : JP9115SP] St. Spyridon Sterling Silver Square Locket Pendant

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St. Spyridon Sterling Silver Square Pendant / Locket

This very detailed St. Spyridon religious pendant doubles as a locket (see detail photo under More Photos). This type of pendant typically stores a "filakto" or other type of religious talisman. This pendant is made and imported from the island of Corfu where St. Spyridon is the patron saint and his relics are stored.

Saint Spyridon (270 - 368 A.D.) was a simple shepherd from Cyprus who had no formal education. He memorized the Bible, however, and became a bishop who attended the First Ecumenical Council. Many miracles have been attributed to him, including healing the Emperor Constantine. A patron saint of illness, it is believed that he often leaves the church at night to perform miracles for those who invoke his name. It is said that the shoes by his casket are periodically worn out from his travels and have to be changed each year. He died in the mid fourth century.

Made in Greece
Sterling Silver (925 Stamp)

Approx. 16mm (.63 in) by 13mm (.51 in)


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