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Greek Octopus Sterling Silver Necklace 16"

[Code : JP9207SN] Greek Octopus Sterling Silver Necklace 16"

Price $48.95
Greek Octopus Sterling Silver Necklace 16" Rope Chain

A dominant motif in Minoan Ceramics, the Octopus was always admired by Ancient Greeks. Minoans were known to worship sea creatures and the octopus seems to have been their most favorite. Some scholars have conjectured that the ancient Cretans looked to octopus tentacles as inspiration for that characteristic Minoan architectural conceit, the labyrinth. This pendant inspired by a Minoan artifact comes with a 16" Sterling Silver Rope Chain and makes a great fashion accessory.

For longer chain lengths please contact us after ordering. Substitutions are possible for 18", 20" and longer for a nominal fee.


925 Sterling Silver
Approx. 5cm (2 inches) by 5cm (2 inches). Chain measures 40cm (16 inches)
Made in Greece.

Ships in a gift box

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