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The Elaia Collection - Sterling Silver Necklace - Olive Leaves (65mm)

[Code : JP9106SP] The Elaia Collection - Sterling Silver Necklace - Olive Leaves (65mm)

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The Elaia Collection - Sterling Silver Necklace - Olive Leaves (65mm)

This sterling silver necklace feature olive leaves and comes in two varieties: white silver, oxidized silver. This exquisite necklace is made of .925 silver in Greece by local artisans and it makes a powerful statement with its simplicity and historical symbolism. 

The necklace is composed of linked rods (See "More Pictures" above).

The Elaia Collection is inspired by the Greek olive tree leaves, part of the most symbolic tree in nature. In Ancient Greece, the Olive tree leaf was a symbol of abundance, glory and peace. As emblems of benediction and purification, olive leaves were also ritually offered to deities and powerful figures. In the Olympic Games, the prize for victory was an olive leaf crown. In the Bible, the olive tree is the first tree mentioned in both testaments and it was an olive leaf that a dove brought back to Noah to demonstrate that the flood was over. In the Quran, prophet Mohamed said: "Take oil of olive and massage with it - it is a blessed tree." 

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp)
Made in Greece
Olive Leaves ornament approx. width 65mm (2.56 in)
Olive Leaves ornament approx. length 20mm (.79 in)
Necklace approx. 44cm (17.3 in)

(Photos are not actual size)

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