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Sterling Silver Quad Minoan Swirl Motif Necklace

[Code : JP9201SN] Sterling Silver Quad Minoan Swirl Motif Necklace

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Sterling Silver Quad Minoan Swirl Motif 18" (45cm) Necklace

A unique necklace consisting of a series of Quad Minoan Swirl clusters, attached to a stylish chain. Inspired by Minoan religious artifacts, the swirl clusters are oxidized to reflect an antique look which makes them perfect companions to casual or formal outfits.

Wear this necklace with its matching earrings!

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), Oxidized
18" (45cm) Chain is fixed
Each swirl cluster measures 30mm
( 1.18 in) by 30mm (1.18 in) - 3 clusters. 
Made in Greece

(Photos are not actual size)


The spiral motif has been one of the most common decorations in Minoan art. Although found in art of later civilizations, it is believed that the spiral ornament travelled along the trade-routes through Europe. Rings made of silver wire twisted in a spiral have been found by the brothers Siret in Spanish tombs which have yielded the goblets of Cretan form, already referred to. In the Danubian cultural area the spiral occurs on pottery of the early metal age. Following the road along the Moldau and the Elbe, it reached the shores of Jutland, and ultimately passed into Scandinavia. It reached England either along the Rhone or Danube valley routes. Reference has been made to the Yorkshire chalk drums on which it was inscribed. The New Grange stones are decorated with it, and early Scottish sculptured stones show local adaptations of the design.

The earliest connection between Crete and northern Europe is indicated by the finds of Baltic amber in Early Minoan strata. It probably had a religious significance. Amber was carried down the Elbe and Moldau route as well as through the Rhone valley to the shores of the Mediterranean, and across to England, Scotland, and Ireland. It is believed that this trade was flourishing along the Elbe route before 2000 B.C.


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