Sterling Silver Bracelets
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - Decorated Serpent (70mm)

[Code : JP8028SB] Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - Decorated Serpent (70mm)

Price $64.95
This unique, sterling silver cuff bracelet (or torc bracelet) features an ancient serpent (snake), inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp)
Made in Greece
Approx. 70mm (2.76 in) x 50mm (1.97 in)
Serpant approx. 40mm (1.57 in) x 20mm (.79 in)

Serpents figured prominently in archaic Greek myths. According to some sources, Ophion ("serpent", a.k.a. Ophioneus), ruled the world with Eurynome before the two of them were cast down by Cronus and Rhea. The oracles of the Ancient Greeks were said to have been the continuation of the tradition begun with the worship of the Egyptian cobra goddess, Wadjet. Other historical and mythological Greek figures with significant ties to the serpent included: the Minoan Snake Goddess, Typhon, Python, Amphisbaena, Medusa, Asclepius, Laocoön, Olympias, and Aeetes.

Torc (or torque) jewelry was ancient jewelry that was open-ended in the front and usually contained decorative, ornate animal heads on either side of the opening. Many historians argue that they were a sign of nobility while others suggest the torc to have been a decoration awarded to warriors for their deeds in battle.


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