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Sterling Silver Bracelet - Athena and Nike Coin Replica (15mm)

[Code : JP8065SB] Sterling Silver Bracelet - Athena and Nike Coin Replica (15mm)

Price $195.00

This sterling silver bracelet features a chain of nine circular coin replica links, each with a portrait of the ancient Greek Goddess Athena on the front surface. On the reverse side of each coin link is Nike, the winged Goddess of Victory wearing long xchiton, holding a wreath in her outstretched right hand. The bracelet is fastened with a standard lobster clasp. Please see additional images for detail.

Oxidized silver is produced naturally when oxygen reacts with silver. Precious sterling silver reacts to oxygen very easily, and and will have a darker appearance. Oxidized sterling silver jewelry has a nice contrast and vintage feel as the finish lacks shine and sparkle.

Sterling Silver (925 Stamp), Oxidized
Made in Greece
Approx. 195mm (7.68 in) length
Each link is 15mm (.59 in) diameter

Pallas Athena was second to Zeus in wisdom. Athena Goddess was the patroness of Athens and all the heroes who fought against evil. Athena Pallas loved peace more than war and was also known as Goddess Athena of agriculture, and spinning and weaving.

In Greek mythology, Nike was a goddess who personified victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. Nike assumed the role of the divine charioteer, a role in which she often is portrayed in Classical Greek art. Nike flew around battlefields rewarding the victors with glory and fame. Nike is seen with wings in most statues and paintings. Most other winged deities in the Greek pantheon had shed their wings by Classical times. Nike is the goddess of strength, speed, and victory. Nike was a very close acquaintance of Athena, and is thought to have stood in Athena's outstretched hand in the statue of Athena located in the Parthenon. Nike is one of the most commonly portrayed figures on Greek coins.

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